The global marketplace is fraught with inefficiencies in its ability to provide capital to individuals and businesses without a credit score or collateral. In addition, a strong history of credit and sufficient collateral does not guarantee swift availability of funds and easy serviceability of borrowing/lending needs. The problem is perhaps more pronounced in countries such as India. SimpliLend is an attempt to simplify credit in India. We endeavor to add simplicity across two dimensions namely coverage of individuals and serviceability of a loan by using disruptive technology and domain expertise. We intend to support the current financial services institutions and infrastructure by way of our technology.

SimpliLend is an angel funded venture in stealth mode founded by individuals who have proven track record of success in financial services, investment management, & technology. The team is also complemented by various data scientists who have decades of experience with areas in behavioral finance, statistics, economics, and econometrics. Our team constitutes Ivy League MBA’s, IIT graduates, and veterans of Indian Financial Services including RBI (Reserve Bank of India), SBI (State Bank of India) etc. Our team members have worked across North America, Europe, Middle-East, & of course India.


S-260, Panchsheel Park, New Delhi – 110017


Puneet Gupta  
Dr. K. G. Karmakar  
Himadri Bhattacharya  
Dr. Manu Sharma  
Dr. Rajesh Tyagi  
Dr. Siddharth Singh  
Malay Krishna